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with the leading software for relief at source and reclaim

RAQUEST simplifies withholding tax processing for these clients

The reclaim of foreign withholding taxes is a bureaucratic and time-consuming process

RAQUEST accelerates the entire process significantly and is particularly reliable due to the high degree of automation. From the initial data import to the final booking – RAQUEST takes care of this tedious and complex process for you in a largely automated way. Risks due to missed deadlines, breaches of rules or manual errors are eliminated.

RAQUEST releases your customers from double taxation automatically and in the fastest way

RAQUEST Software Process
RAQUEST Software Process

Increase customer satisfaction through extended service offer

With RAQUEST, banks and service providers can offer their customers relief at source and withholding tax reclaim as an attractive service. In this way, you can increase customer satisfaction and transparency and reduce reimbursement periods at the same time.

Turn your cost center into a profit center

Not only your customers benefit from your withholding tax service. With RAQUEST you reduce process duration and costs which turns your cost center a profit center.

Highest customer satisfaction for RAQUEST.

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Relief at Source


Digital application


Reduce process time and costs

Due to extensive automatisms for document creation, monitoring, notifications, check-out and reporting, the time-consuming administration is considerably reduced.

Bulk processing

The automated process enables the mass processing of applications and certificates. This increase in efficiency turns your department into a profit centre and reduces process costs by up to 80%.

Compliant with rules

National requirements and specifications of supported domiciles, investment markets and depository-related procedures are taken into account by RAQUEST and kept up to date. Processes thus always comply with the latest regulations.

Easy implementation

RAQUEST is suitable for any bank and can be easily integrated into the existing system environment. The software can be operated with the simplest hardware and users can work with it independently after a short training period.


RAQUEST bundles the entire special knowledge of withholding tax

The successful processing of withholding taxes is a complex procedure that requires the continuous monitoring of regularly occurring changes in the law. RAQUEST was developed from practical experience in close cooperation with leading market participants from the financial industry and is constantly being further developed.

The software contains the collected withholding tax knowledge of our customers, packed in a user-friendly interface. Thanks to numerous functions, your work processes can be largely automated, fast and flexible

RAQUEST Features

Profitability audit

RAQUEST checks if minimum returns are undercut, calculates arising fees and decides if an execution is possible.

Deadline monitoring

Compliance with deadlines is guaranteed with RAQUEST. Based on the incoming data, the resulting deadlines are automatically recorded, reliably monitored and reported.

Global deployment

Due to the multilingualism of the software and multi-currency-ability, RAQUEST is perfectly suited for international use.

Connection to core banking systems

Interface options to various core banking systems (Avaloq, Temenos, GEOS, Olympic and many more) and experience in connecting proprietary systems.

Dashboard and reporting

The integrated dashboards with comprehensive search and filter functions allow the status of each claim to be tracked at a glance and numerous reports and ad-hoc analysis to be generated.

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Operating models

Would you like to manage withholding tax processing independently via RAQUEST or outsource the entire process? We offer the right solution for every requirement.

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RAQUEST manages your withholding tax procedure

RAQUEST is the leading withholding tax software for reclaim, relief at source and quick refund of foreign withholding taxes.

Withholding tax software

Using a withholding tax software simplifies the process of withholding tax reclaim significantly.

Withholding tax solution

RAQUEST is the number one withholding tax solution for processing claims more efficiently.