WTax and RAQUEST partner to provide investors with unmatched withholding tax recovery infrastructure, technology and expertise.

WTax, a foreign withholding tax (WHT) specialist that provides fully-outsourced recovery services, has partnered with RAQUEST, a leading developer of WHT software that provides financial institutions with an easy and reliable solution to the difficulties of the relief-at-source and the tax reclaim processes.

This partnership will facilitate the sharing of industry expertise, cutting-edge WHT software and insight into the complexities of the foreign tax landscape, with the ultimate objective being improving WHT recovery yields for investors globally. Additionally, the collaboration between these two industry-leaders will foster improved communication amongst parties in the WHT recovery value-chain, resulting in an improved standard of service offering across the board.

With tax-filing requirements becoming progressively more complex, and foreign tax authorities’ increasing scrutiny of investors eligibility for tax recovery, many investors are seeking the services of a WHT specialist to offload the administrative burdens of the recovery process.

RAQUEST has developed the leading software for the end-to-end digitalisation of WHT procedures, enabling financial institutions to process relief at source and reclaim of WHT in a highly efficient manner and without manual handling, thus accelerating the entire process by up to 80%.

“We are thrilled to partner with RAQUEST to not only improve the withholding tax recovery services we provide our clients, but to also improve the withholding tax recovery landscape globally. We are certain with the amalgamation of leading tax software, our exceptional teams of tax experts, and a combined 36 years of experience in the tax technology space, we can achieve our mutual goal of maximising investors withholding tax yields and investment returns.” – Daniel Ginsburg, CEO at WTax

“It is our great pleasure to announce our partnership with WTax, a leading global player for withholding tax recovery services. This collaboration is truly unique as it is instrumental in sharing knowledge and resources combined with the market leading software RAQUEST for an accelerated claiming process. Together we are out on a common mission: improving the after-tax performance of shareholders across the world. The entire RAQUEST team is delighted to have entered into this partnership for the good of investors.” – Alexander Lerch, CEO at RAQUEST

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