Relief at Source

of foreign withholding taxes

RAQUEST is the one and only software that covers the entire relief at source process digitally

Relief at source allows you to offer your clients the best possible service. The software independently handles the entire process, from data collection and certification, to checking incoming event messages and reporting inventories. Due to the high degree of automation, deadlines are met and errors in the process are avoided.

If relief at source cannot been carried out, RAQUEST offers the possibility of quick refunds or reclaim of withholding tax.

End-2-End process

RAQUEST Relief at Source

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Special Features

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Ensuring that country-specific requirements are up to date

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Corporate actions (cash and stock dividends)

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Support of all customer types

Quellensteuer Vorabbefreiung Features


Quellensteuer Vorabbefreiung Features


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Performance audit


Relief at source in Finland

Finland officially introduced the TRACE (Treaty Relief and Compliance Enhancement) procedure on January 1, 2021. Financial institutions across the globe may now participate in the TRACE-procedure in order to exempt their investors from withholding taxes on Finnish dividend payments.

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Tax relief at source

Tax relief at source of foreign withholding taxes enables financial institutions to offer their custody account holders a valuable service.

Relief at source withholding tax

Relief at source from withholding tax helps financial institutions avoid lengthy procedures of withholding tax reclaim.

Relief at source software

The RAQUEST software is the only relief at source software that covers the entire relief at source process digitally.