of foreign withholding taxes

Make withholding tax reclaim a profitable service

RAQUEST significantly automates and accelerates the entire process of reclaiming foreign withholding taxes. As soon as the software is implemented, you can rely on a fast, simple and, above all, profitable reclaim.

Core features include the automated creation of applications, simple reimbursement and write-off of incoming payments. Extensive task and information control make the application much more efficient and optimise the entire recovery process. For full process security, features such as deadline monitoring, logging and the dual control principle are also integrated in RAQUEST.

End-2-End Process

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Special Features

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Ensuring that country-specific requirements are up to date

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Intuitive process control

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Support of any Process variants

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Deadline monitoring

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Performance audit

Digital application processes

Interface between banking system and claiming authority

In some countries the application for reclaiming withholding tax is only possible via digital channels. Switzerland requires only digital transmission for applications from Germany. Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands already require data to be submitted via a web interface, while

Thanks to the STTI interface, the secure transfer of tax-relevant information between internal systems of banks and external tax authorities is possible.

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Withholding Tax Reclaim

Withholding tax reclaim involves lengthy and bureaucratic procedures. RAQUEST turns the reclaim of foreign withholding taxes into a service that both financial institutions and their clients highly profit from.

Withholding tax exemption

olding tax exemption of foreign withholding taxes may apply in certain cases. The RAQUEST software automatically chooses the most efficient way for your clients‘ withholding tax refund.

Withholding tax recovery

Withholding tax recovery should not be left to investors but be carried out by their custodian bank. The RAQUEST software supports financial institutions offering a smart and efficient reclaim procedure.